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In response to New York’s soaring property taxes, Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C,I-East Patchogue) joined his Assembly Republican colleagues at a press conference Monday to introduce a comprehensive plan to reform how the state funds Medicaid costs.

“When the federal tax reform plan was announced, everyone was speaking about State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions, and I was very clear in reminding the governor and my colleagues that the “S” in SALT stands for “State,” not “Federal.” This means that it is within our power to lower the state tax burden, and we are doing just that with this plan,” Murray said.

New York is one of only 18 states that require counties to cover some of the non-federal costs of the program. The state is projected to spend over $70 billion this year on Medicaid, over one-third of the entire state budget.

“Our Medicaid costs are some of the highest in the nation and that is attributed to the numerous optional programs, or what many call the ‘Cadillac Plan’ that the state offers,” Murray continued. “The larger a program becomes, the more waste, fraud and abuse happens and that
has become the case with our bloated Medicaid system in New York.

“If the state assumes full control, they will have more incentive to root out these inefficiencies and force better responsibility and accountability in regards to the spending. The best part is that every penny that the counties save through this proposal will be passed through to property taxpayers,” added Murray.