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Murray Calls For Pension Forfeiture Constitutional Amendment

Video of Murray discussing pension forfeiture can be found at:

Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C,I-East Patchogue) today joined his Assembly Republican colleagues in calling for a amendment stripping officials convicted of a felony of their taxpayer-funded pension. Instead of passing the watered-down version proposed by Assembly Democrats, Murray entreated his colleagues to pass the type of stringent pension forfeiture New Yorkers have called for.

“If you’re a public servant and you break the law, you don’t deserve a taxpayer-funded pension. It’s that simple,” said Murray. “Instead of watered-down, doomed to fail proposals, let’s do the right thing and pass the ethics reform Assembly Republicans and most New Yorkers have asked for. It’s passed the Senate and has Gov. Cuomo’s approval; let’s get this done now.”