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A Statement from Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C,I-East Patchogue) on Gov. Cuomo’s executive order essentially pardoning 35,000 parolees to allow them to vote

“Andrew Cuomo’s message to New York’s Conservatives is ‘Get out of the state’ but to convicted criminals it’s ‘Get out and vote!’ This is absolutely disgusting.

“First, he proposes giving a free, taxpayer-funded college education to convicted criminals. Then, he works a deal to get free computer tablets for convicted criminals. Now, he bypasses the duly-elected Legislature to issue an executive order to give voting rights to
convicted murderers, rapists, drug dealers and even cop killers.

“This governor has repeatedly sided with Herman Bell, a violent felon that knowingly and willingly took the lives of, not one, not two but THREE police officers. This governor’s appointed parole board voted to grant parole to Bell. And now the governor wants him to have
one of our most sacred and cherished rights… the right to vote.

“Apparently, this governor doesn’t care that those three officers haven’t been able to exercise their right to vote since Bell murdered them. This governor has proven once again that he’ll side with criminals over law enforcement if he thinks it will benefit him politically.

“This is the same governor who favors sanctuary locations where violent, illegal immigrants can evade deportation with the taxpayers footing the bill for their defense through the governor’s newly created Liberty Defense Project. This is the same governor who appointed a
woman to serve on the parole board, after that woman married a violent, convicted murderer while he was still in prison.

“Does this mean that a serial rapist newly on parole is now completely free? Does pardoning convicted felons mean they are no longer subject to state supervision and can they live anywhere in our neighborhoods and purchase a firearm? Or, as is more likely, will their
freedoms be limited to only things that can politically benefit the governor… like voting?

“It is clear that this governor’s arrogance and total disrespect for law enforcement and every hardworking, law-abiding taxpayer out there knows no bounds. New York deserves better.