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Statement from Dean Murray

In response to Newsday’s article regarding the Forbes opinion piece by LIU Professor Panos Mourdoukoutas, Assemblyman Dean Murray vehemently disagrees with the assertion that “Public Libraries should be closed and replaced with book stores.”

Assemblyman Murray argues that “When government picks and chooses specific areas of industry to support it goes against everything the founding fathers believed in regarding the free and open market.” Assemblyman Murray went on to say, “Libraries and public education are the great equalizer in a democratic society. An educated public is crucial to democracy, a society that governs itself with elections. Dismantling public libraries, books and free information is the first step of tyrants, we saw this in Communist Russia, China, North Korea and Nazi Germany.” Assemblyman Murray discusses local examples. “Right here in our own village of Patchogue we have the Carnegie Library, which was built by the famed Andrew Carnegie because he understood that an informed public and the free transference of knowledge made for a better society and more prosperous middle class.”

Lastly Assemblyman Murray said, “In 2017 and 2018 I brought a total of $26,000 state dollars back to our district for our local libraries, ensuring that our children have the resources needed to provide a valuable education which has always been a top priority of mine. Libraries play a key role in enriching our children’s education and go beyond books by providing an array of opportunities that might not otherwise be provided for by the school district alone, that is why I stand behind our local libraries.”