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Statement from State Senate Candidate Dean Murray

Governor Andrew Cuomo unilaterally pardoned and paroled criminals, including cop killers, violent felons and high level sex offenders,  allowing them to vote in this election.

Ignoring public safety concerns, the Governor once again sidestepped public comment, the legislature and the law by creating a rule to allow pardoned, paroled and dangerous high-level sex offenders inside of our schools after 7 p.m. to cast their ballots for him and other Democrats on Thursday.

This is simply wrong.

Residents will have no idea if a pedophile walks into a school. The Governor has kept his sweeping pardons secret, releasing no names or information to elected officials, law enforcement, schools or the public at large, putting children at risk. How does law enforcement even begin to protect children from pedophiles at polling sites when Cuomo’s administration has provided no information.

Our children learn about civic engagement by going to polling places with their parents. Our children often spend time well beyond the bell engaging in activities. Families usually feel a sense of security because common sense laws are supposed to keep sexual predators at bay.

In Andrew Cuomo’s New York, parents now need to hold their children’s hands tighter. I will fight against this ill-conceived policy that puts our children in jeopardy with parents, local leaders and my future colleagues in the state Senate.